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Counseling Training

ACBC Fundamentals Training Module
This course is the basic course in Biblical counseling. It will introduce you to the philosophy and practice of Biblical Counseling. Upon completion, this course fulfills the instructional portion of Phase 1 towards ACBC certification.

ACBC Fundamentals Training Module Brochure

Download your reading assignments for the Fundamentals Training Module.

ACBC Advanced Counseling Training
These advanced counseling training courses are designed to build on the foundation established in the Fundamentals Course and cover a wide range of subjects to help complete the framework for the equipped biblical counselor.

ACBC Advanced Counseling Training Brochure

Upcoming Training Schedule
March-May: ACBC Fundamentals Training is scheduled the 3rd weekend of each of these months. Advanced Courses are held the 3rd Saturdays of each of these months. Email or call for current dates and topics or to register for any training.

Title Date ACBC CEUs Cost
When the Counseling Process Gets Stuck (including how NOT to counsel) April 13th 3 CEU’s pending approval $49 - Register
Using Old Testament Narratives in Counseling May 11th 3 CEU’s pending approval $49 - Register

On Demand Classes
These Advanced Courses are available online year-round. You can enroll and take them at your convenience to further your growth in Biblical Counseling as an ACBC counselor.

Title Date ACBC CEUs Cost
Biblical Counseling, Justification, Grace & Moral Effort On Demand 4 CEUs FREE - Register
Counseling and the Conscience On Demand 3 CEUs $49 - Register
Overcoming Life Dominating Sins On Demand 4 CEUs $49 - Register

Marriage Counseling Specialization Training

ACBC Marriage Counseling Specialization Training. The course covers various advanced topics including conflict resolution, dealing with sexual issues, ministry to blended families, interaction with extended family, family worship, premarital counseling, and more. It is ACBC approved for those seeking the ACBC Marriage Counseling Specialization. It is now only offered online. Read more information on this specialization.

Dates ACBC CEUs Cost
Sep. 1-31, 2023 20 CEUs $99 - Register
Feb. 1-31, 2024 20 CEUs $99 - Register
Jun. 1-31, 2024 20 CEUs $99 - Register

Reconciliation Specialization Training

Clearcreek Chapel is pleased to offer you the Reconciliation Specialization Training Course. This is an online course for the busy counselor and fulfills the instructional portion for those who want to pursue the Reconciliation Specialization Certification. This course is worth 18 CEUs. You may watch the videos and respond to discussion questions at your leisure; however, there are deadlines for these during the month. Interested? Read more information on this specialization.

Dates ACBC CEUs Cost
Sep. 1-31, 2023 18 CEUs $99 - Register
Feb. 1-31, 2024 18 CEUs $99 - Register
Jun. 1-31, 2024 18 CEUs $99 - Register

To register, click on the green registration button at the bottom. The cost of this courses is $99. To pay via PayPal, click on the yellow button or you may send a check in to the address below payable to Clearcreek Chapel. The deadline to register is 1 week prior to the start date of each class.

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