Self-Counseling. A Worthwhile Experience

November 29th, 2018 by posted in Counseling, Uncategorized

Years ago I was asked to complete a self-counseling excercise. I was to determine (with the help of others if necessary) an area of my life in which I was worshiping something other than God. OK, lets call it what it was – a heart idol. The process was difficult. It took almost 3 months to complete, but at the end God transformed me, and my worship in this area returned to the only one worthy of it. Since then I have done it two additional times. I encourage all biblical counselors to, drink our own kool-aid, and work through it in an area of your life. Here are ten (10) questions to ask yourself as your work through the process of transformation:

  1. Describe the problem in detail. Be specific. How does the problem show up in your behavior, words, thoughts, emotions? When, where and with whom does it appear? How often is it a problem? How intense? How long-standing? What was the starting point? What has helped in the past? What has hindered change?
  2. Identify your goals for working on this problem.
  3.  This behavior or attitude comes from what heart idolatry? Please be specific. For example, “I desire and live to keep things under control” or “I make people my refuge.”
  4. Have you asked forgiveness—from the Lord, and from anyone who has been impacted by this? If not, when will you?
  5. In what ways do you need to die to this idolatry? What behavior or attitude needs to be “put off”? How could you or should you practice the principle of “radical amputation” demonstrating your sincere desire to change (Matt 5:28-30; Col 3:5)?
  6. In what specific ways is God a greater recipient of your desiring and His glory greater than that of your idol? Specifically demonstrate from Scripture God’s superior worthiness of your worship, in contrast to the attributes of your idol (Q#3), and your false worship (Q#1).
  7. How might genuine worship of God pervade your life through your active pursuit of loving God and loving your neighbor? Address the areas of your life mentioned in Q#1 with specific concrete pursuits in the direction of repentance. How and when will you be pursuing the righteous alternative—as an expression of right worship?
  8.  Who will you ask to hold you accountable and how will they do it? Ideally, this should be someone in your local church or a close brother or sister in Christ. (Married folk should choose an external accountability in addition to their spouse.)
  9. What literature do you need to read that addresses this subject? (Be reasonable with your commitments to this question.)
  10. What verses do you need to memorize, meditate on, or study and why? (Be reasonable with your commitments to this question.)


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